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Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Here we have the notorious 1992 Nissan 240sx patrol car known as: Pander. This build started as an autocross build, but has taken a turn and kept going sideways, birthing the creation of this beast. From car shows to track days, this thing steals the show. The most common questions asked isn't why, or how it got to this point. It's what motor is that, is it fast, and can I ride, from the owner the answer is simply, f*ck around and find out. Very fitting for the build that this is. He is always down to give it a good rip for people, but it tends to make them want to build a drift car for some reason.

Build info:

Engine- Stock RB20DET, RB25 Turbo

TSD front mount intercooler kit

HKS bov

Suspension- JDM speed coil overs

ISR upper control arms

Polyurethane bushings all around

GKtech extended LCA's

ISR adjustable rear arms

Social media:

Youtube: Boost Police

Instagram: Pander240

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