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Jackson M's Daily Drifted S13

The Nissan 240SX Needs no introduction. A chassis synonymous with the drift community and well loved by all automotive enthusiasts. Jackson's S13 is a fantastic example of more than meets the eye, purchased up in South Carolina in much worse shape than it is now. With the car in general just being beat down and not well taken care of. However, Jackson took the time and spent the money to do this car justice and turn it into a daily drivable, drift ready S-Chasis. Unlike most S-Chasis owners who boast about big plans with nothing evolving of it, this one became something special and a good example of finishing what you start.

Modifications to this S13 include ISR headers, K Sport coilovers, AEM intake, ISR short throw shifter and radiator, DND quick release, GKTech R32 end links, R32 fuel pump, ISR tension rods, OE front lower control arms, Polyeurethane engine/transmission mounts, Rofu slotted rotors, Squared G33 Wheels, and a welded diff to make this S-Chasis a daily drifter.

Being close to stock power may be looked down on by some but having little to work with builds driver skill and eliminates the crutch of just being able to hammer down through drifts and such. In a world where 1,000HP drift cars are all but the standard, seeing a stock power KA throw down is always a delight.

In conclusion Jackson's S13 is a prime example of making something out of nothing, with plans to one day be a full on drift car time will tell on where this S-Chasis ends up, one thing is for certain though, you won't ever see this one as a roller on mrketplace. For the time being however it's an awesome drift ready daily that is a pleasure to be around, and a fantastic S-Chasis in the sea of death traps that can often plague these cars. If you're wanting to see this car throw down it can be found primarily down at Midpond in Columbiana Al.

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