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Austin M's Drift Ready G35

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Being the classier, slightly heavier brother to the Nissan 350Z, The infiniti G35 is a staple among car enthusiasts. Due to its 50/50 weight distribution, large aftermarket support, and ready to rip VQ35, it's no shock why Austin sees huge success in getting his G sideways out on track. However from the factory the beloved coupe needs a little love in order to be a drift ready machine.

Austin chose to outfit his G with a 1/2" Blox Plenum Spacer, 75mm Throttle Body, OT Geiken Twin Disc Clutch, and a Shimmed LSD. (Not allot is needed to make these cars allot of fun on track). If you're looking to see this G35 in action the best bet is going to be down at Midpond in Columbiana AL, but also can be seen at Orlando Speed World in Orlando FL, and Clarksville Speedway in Clarksville TN.

Although often associated with muffler deletes, cut springs, fake GTR bumpers, and smoked tails, the G35 is a fantastic drift car and Austin's is absolutely no exception to the latter.

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